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No, the nearest is in downtown Souillac.
CB (minimum 10 €), Checks, Cash
No, it is free, however Quercyland will not be held responsible for theft or other damage to cars. Campervans can park on the shady banks of the Dordogne river.
Yes. The sanitary showers, changing rooms and changing table are located on the right side of the park as you enter, after the dining room.
You can meet them at the check-in at the time agreed with them.
Yes, the places are in front of the entrance.
We advise against access to Quercyland for unaccompanied children, however we accept them from 12 years under the responsibility of parents.
Some attractions require a minimum size. Tree climbing min. 1M40. Slides are not allowed for people who can not swim. Please refer to and follow the instructions on the attractions.
Yes there is a shaded picnic area in the park. All glass containers are forbidden (bottles, plates, etc ...).
At lunchtime, you can eat at the self or at the pizzeria. During the day, we offer waffles, pancakes, ice cream, fries and hamburgers. In the evenings, a traditional grill restaurant serves traditional local cuisine.
Lost items are systematically reported to the Quercyland cash desk, if the object you lost was not found before your departure from Quercyland, we advise you to contact us at the next day from 14 hours.
The first aid post is located in the Masters swimming pool at the level of the large basin. A lost child is systematically brought back to the entrance.
There is no single entry for 2 hours. Only one rate (10 €) is applied for everyone. Free for children under one year old.
* In accordance with the legislation in force, a qualified team will assist you in case of need. Help them in their mission, simply by following the instructions of the attractions you use. * Although Masters Masters ensure the safety of all our visitors, your children must remain under your supervision.
Every day, our technical staff analyzes the water in the pools. These rated analyzes are controlled by the State services (the DDASS) the results are displayed at the entrance of the Park.
We strive to offer a wide range of activities for all ages, suitable for both children who do not walk, adults and teenagers. Every age will find its space!
By train: Souillac train station (Distance from Souillac train station to Quercyland 2 km) By bus: Souillac train station (Distance from Souillac train station to Quercyland 2 km)
For hygiene reasons,pets are not allowed in the park.
No ! The rules prohibit swim shorts and swim t-shirts. Only swimsuits are accepted, for men women and children. Swimsuits are on sale in the kiosk in the middle of the park.
No, any exit from the park is final.
No, any exit from the park is final.
No, group rate applies from 20 people.



(all the activities porposed in the park)


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